Alessandro Benazzo is constantly pushed to reposition music in the current artistic context.

His programming is all about quality, diversity and the breaking down of genre boundaries. 

"There is no serious music or unserious music, just good music and bad music." - Leonard Bernstein -

Since 2023 he is the Music Director of the Filarmonica Cittadina Alessandro Volta - Como (1871).

His tenure has been defined by an impulse to embrace, develop and expand the possibilities of the prestigious Como institution.

Furthermore, since 2023 he is the Music Director of the Filarmonica Centro Valle Intelvi.

Since 2018 he is Artistic and Music Director of the Schola Cantorum Ambrosiana - Porlezza, diocese of Milan.

Since 2000 he is Music Director of the Filarmonica S.Cecilia di Porlezza, Filarmonica di Agno, Agno Young Band, choir Canterini di Lugano and Voci di Canobbio choir.

Since 2017 he is the creator and Artistic Director of the international choral festival “InCanto” (Castagnola-Switzerland), now in its fourth edition.

In 2019 he collaborated with the singer-songwriter Davide Van Desfroos in concerts, record productions and choir arrangements.

In the literary field, in 2015 he presented an essay on Arnold Schönberg (available at commissioned by the E. Lindenberg Foundation (Switzerland) and published in Italian and English in the “Reto Rigassi Dodecafonia” catalogue.

From the age of 15 to today he has also guest conducted the Ensemble 900/Presente of the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland, Ensemble TicinoMusica, Camerata Giovanile della Svizzera Italiana and Vivaldi String Orchestra, Symphonische Orchester Mammern (Switzerland), Swiss Accordion Orchestra, Gandria Mandolin Orchestra, TecnoEnsemble (Milan) and Accademia Estro Armonico (Milan).

He conducted Mahler's 20th/present works - IV Symphony; Pierrot Lunaire, Verklärte Nacht, Erwartung by Schönberg and KammerSymphonie op.9 by Schönberg/Webern; Stravinsky's Octet for Wind Instrument, Petroushka and Pastorale; Berio's Folk Songs; Zeitmasse by K.Stockhausen; Derive I of Boulez; KammerKonzert by Ligeti, “Etwas Ruhiger im Ausdruck” by F.Donatoni; “Der wunderbare Mandarin” by B.Bartók.

He has performed in festivals, theatres, churches, universities, museums, conferences, congresses, recordings and broadcasts including the Festival de Musica de Vic (Barcelona), Musik Forum München, Stresa International Festival, Castrocaro Festival, Serassi International Festival, Musica Riva Festival, Fogazzaro Prize, Corona Ferrea Concert Society of Monza, Philological Cultural Center of Milan, Magadino International Festival (Switzerland), Carlo Prati Festival (Italy), Montevecchia May Festival (Italy), HungaroFest (Budapest), Concerts De Riells Abbey of Sant Martì (Spain), VolksHaus Theater Zürich, International Festival of Liturgical Music Pantheon (Rome), Teatro Apollonio of Varese, Palazzo dei Congressi of Lugano, Teatro LAC and Auditorium Stelio Molo RSI, Festival de Musique De Sion-Valaise , RAI, RSI, SRG, SSR.

He was the protagonist with Ch.Lindberg and H.Hardenberger at the 39th Festival de Musique De Sion-Valaise for the premiere of "The Ballade of KitBone" by F. Högberg.

He gave the world premiere of Meinrad Schmitt's “Tschaikowsky – Paraphrase” for Trombone, Violin and Piano at the Musik Forum München; at the Stresa International Festival, the world premiere of L.Abbate's "Paraphrasi sull'Ocra" for orchestra with the European Sinfonietta UK.

By Giacomo Manzoni he performed the world premiere of the opera “Clamoroso non Ricominciar Neppure” for Orchestra, in the Sala G.Verdi of the Milan Conservatory.

Some composers have written works for Solo Trombone specifically for Alessandro which move between contemporary idioms together with intricate melodic lines and technical virtuosity. In 2015 the Swiss composer/conductor Pietro Damiani dedicated to him “Impromptu” pour Trombone Seul and “Theme and Variations for Trombone Banda” published by "Eufonia Brescia"; the Swiss composer Renato Grisoni dedicated the "Capriccio for Trombone and Piano" to him in 1995; the Milanese composer Angelo Bellisario dedicated the "Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra" to him in 2001. The composer and organist E.Cominetti dedicated to him: Variations on a theme by Van Eyck for Trombone and Organ, Ave Maria and Clarissima Mater for Voice, Trombone and Organ on texts by H.von Bingen and The Passion of the Christ for Trombone and Orchestra.

From 1989 to today, he has also performed the main works for Trombone and Orchestra in concerts, tours and recordings, as a guest of numerous orchestras including Orchestra Cameristica Lombarda, Orchestra Da Camera di Lugano, Orchestra Arcadia (Switzerland), Camerata Giovanile della Svizzera Italian, Orchestra dell'Assunta (Milan).

He has held positions as Orchestra Professor with the G. Verdi Symphony Orchestra of Milan, the “I Pomeriggi Musicali di Milano” Orchestra, the S. Remo Symphony Orchestra, the G. Cantelli Symphony Orchestra of Milan, the 'European Sinfonietta, the Ensemble900/ Presente of the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland, the Lugano Chamber Orchestra.

He has worked in exclusive roles with conductors such as R.Chailly, Yutaka Sado, Ulf Schirmer, Ch.Lindberg, O.Vänska, A. Veronesi, P. Hinkinen, V. Globokar, V.Ponkin, D.Renzetti, A.Tamayo.

In 2002 he recorded unpublished scores by G.Rossini for Decca, with R.Chailly and the G.Verdi Symphony Orchestra of Milan.

In 2014 he appeared on “Paganini” - RSI - for the production of the multimedia stage tragedy “Kraanerg” by Iannis Xenakis “ directed by Arturo Tamayo.

Alessandro was the winner of the Stresa International Music Competition 1997 - Absolute First Prize - and of the "City of Stresa Special Prize",  European Music Competition (TO) 1997,   Swiss Parade 1998 - RSI-SRG-SSR,  International Music Competition Music for Young Performers 2002 - Chieri (TO),     FE.BA.TI. Young Instrumentalists Competition 1993 with the "City of Lugano Special Prize" and "Massagno Musica Prize",    International Musical Interpretation Competition “Lario in Musica 2001”.

Born in Lugano (CH) he graduated in Trombone at the "Arrigo Boito" Conservatory of Music in Parma with Giancarlo Corsini (Soloist Orchestra RAI Milan) and subsequently at the Accademia Internazionale Superiore di Musica "Lorenzo Perosi" in Biella with Jacques Mauger (Soloist Opéra national de Paris).

He specialized with Christian Lindberg and Michel Becquet.

He continued his studies in Conducting in Contemporary Repertoire at the University School of the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland with Arturo Tamayo (International conductor).

He continued with his studies of Gregorian Chant and Conducting in Lugano (CSI), Arco di Trento, Assisi, Cremona with G.Conti, R.Zoia, A. De Lillo, p. Maurizio Verde, p. Matteo Ferraldeschi, Mariusz Bialkowski.

He studied conducting/composition in Switzerland with F. Ghilardotti (student of N.Rota, I.Stravinsky, F.Ferrara).

He obtained scholarships for the training of Orchestra Professors in Italy with the F. Fenaroli International Youth Orchestra and in Germany with the International Orchestra of the Landesakademie für die Musizierende in Baden-Württemberg.

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“ ist ein fantasticher Posaunist und Musiker!

Seine technischen Fähigkeiten sind ausser-ordentlich.

Noch nie habe ich einen Czardas auf diese Weise gehört! ...”

(“...è un fantastico trombonista e musicista! Le sue capacità tecniche sono straordinarie.

Non ho mai sentito una Csardas suonata in questo modo!...”)

Thomas Horch

(Posaune Solist der Berliner Philarmoniker unter H. Von Karajan und des Bayrischen Rundfunk, München)

"...You're a very flexible and facile player with excellent musical taste. Never too much or too little of the musical line, just the right touch. (...) Bach is very tastefully performed. (...) The phrasing on the Saint-Saens "Swan" is really my favorite. It's great expressive and nicely done..."

(..." Suoni con grande flessibilità e facilità con un eccellente gusto musicale. Mai troppo o troppo poco, sempre il giusto tocco. (...) Bach è

suonato con un grande gusto artistico. (...) Il fraseggio nel Cigno di Saint-Saens è veramente il mio preferito. È di grande espressione e raffinatezza...")

Robert Kehle

(Prof. Pittsburgh State University, Principal trombone Springfield Symphony Orchestra, Mid-Columbia Symphony Orchestra, Spokane Symphony Orchestra )


“...c’est un grand soliste de trombone, il est très serieux, il possède une technique exceptionnelle

avec un goût artistique très fascinant ...”

(“...è un grande solista di trombone ed è molto serio.

Ha una tecnica eccezionale con un gusto artistico molto affascinante...”)

Jaques Mauger

(Soliste à l’Opèra de Paris, professeur à l’Académie International Supèrieur de Biella,

Professeur au Conservatoire Supèrieur de Paris)


"...I know him for a musical teather with Ch.Lindberg and H.Hardenberger in the Tibor Varga's Festival. During all these times, 

I was very pleased by the artistic approach, the technical abilities and his great attitude."

("...l'ho conosciuto per un teatro musicale con Ch.Lindberg e H.Hardenberger al Festival Tibor Varga. Durante questo periodo, ero

compiaciuto dell'approccio artistico, dell'abilità tecnica e della sua grande attitudine.")

David Bruchez

(Prof. Hochschule für Musik Detmold and Zürich. Principal Trombone Opernhaus and Tonhalle Orchester Zürich)


..." Eccellente trombonista il cui trombone è in grado di commuovere fino alle lacrime"... 

(..."Excellent trombonist whose trombone is able to be moved to tears”...)

Nikolaus Frey

(Fuldaer Zeitung)


..." dopo avere ascoltato le tue esecuzioni in concerto nella Basilica di S. Maria ad Martyres – Pantheon Roma ed animato insieme la Santa Messa (21 marzo 2015) desidero complimentarmi vivamente e posso affermare, senza tema di smentita, che sei un grande solista di trombone."

Possiedi una tecnica raffinata ed un eccellente gusto musicale, che fanno di te un esecutore di rara maestria con cui valorizzi questo tuo strumento anche nel rispetto della sua tradizione che risale a diversi secoli or sono.

Sottolineo che il tuo talento e la tua superiore conoscenza tecnica dello strumento, dovrebbero essere sempre più dedicate a favore della creazione di nuovi talenti, ed alla valorizzazione delle formazioni musicali sia strumentali che corali. Sarò lieto di ripetere esibizioni musicali con te in futuro.

Giacomo M. Bogliolo

11 maggio 2015

Comm.Prof. Giacomo M. Bogliolo

Architetto Compositore

Concertista di fisarmonica classica

Dir. Artistico Celebrazioni Giubileo

S. Maria ad Martyres – Pantheon Roma

Dir. Artistico Festival Internazionale 

della Fisarmonica - Guido Bogliolo

Membro dell' Accademia Tiberina

(…”after listening to your performances in concert in the Basilica of St. Mary to the Martyrs - Pantheon Rome and animated  together  the Worship (21 March 2015) I would like to congratulate warmly and I can say without fear of contradiction, that you are a great solo trombone.

You have a refined technique and excellent musical taste, that make you a performer of rare skill

which enhances this your instrument even respecting its tradition that goes back several centuries ago."

I specify that your talent and your superior technical knowledge of the instrument, should be more dedicated in favor of the creation of new talent, and the enhancement of both instrumental and choral ensembles. I look forward to repeating musical performances with you in the future.)


… “Alessandro Benazzo direttore: ottima scelta, e nel concerto che ho ascoltato ne ho avuto la prova. Il maestro ha dimostrato quanto sia stato utile il suo lavoro nella ricerca di nuove sonorità e nella ricerca di nuove composizioni. 

Nella seconda parte del concerto ha potuto dimostrare tutta la sua abilità di direttore come maturità artistica e con una bellissima gestualità nella conduzione del coro”.

Pietro Damiani 

(Direttore-compositore, membro della “Giuria Internazionale di Composizione per Banda” di Chicago e della “Fondazione John Philip Sousa”. Presidente della “SSPM” -Società Svizzera di Pedagogia Musicale-, direttore Civica Filarmonica di Lugano)

…  “Alessandro Benazzo conductor: excellent choice, and in the concert I listened to I had proof of it. The Maestro demonstrated how useful his work was in the search for new sounds and in the search for new compositions.

In the second part of the concert he was able to demonstrate all his skills as a conductor as an artistic maturity and with a beautiful gesture in the conduct of the choir ”.

Pietro Damiani

(Conductor-composer, member of the "International Composition Jury for Band“ of Chicago and of the "John Philip Sousa Foundation". President of the "SSPM" -Swiss Society of Musical Pedagogy-, former Principal Conductor of the Civic Lugano Philharmonic)


"This is the story of Kit Bones. He ruled the west with a slide trombone.

All alone without a home, he played his plated bone.

He never missed a brassbone fight.

Fastest slide in the west alright.

Blow them down, standing alone, with his slide trombone..."

Sierre (Swiss) 

Alessandro - Christian Linberg - H. Hardenberger

The Ballad of Kit Bones 

Fredrik Hogberg (born 1971, Sweden)


Luciana Serra and Alessandro Benazzo

at Festival Serassi

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